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Saturday, November 30, 2013, 9:51 PM

hello. finally end of olvls. i know this post is kind of late hhaha. but thanks for all the well wishes. :) haha yesterday was on at cck meeting phyllis to pass her the money to pass it to her friend because her friend overslept i think. so we met , and then phyllis said she's going woodlands, im going pasir ris, so after that we went to the platform and met jacelyn, woah it's my lucky day meeting phyllis and jacelyn on the same day. after that we went our separate ways, but phyllis and javelyn sat on the same mrt haha and then today i met siying in JP and im like... is that siying xD so i called in case i see the wrong person. so i followed the girl (which is actually siying) and saw the girl picked up the phone. so im like "hey where you siying" and siying was like "JP hey you saw me?" xD so cool meeting siying on the next day haha happy girl lololol xD well that's all folks! hope to see you guys around soon :) -yuannie

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, October 13, 2013, 10:00 PM

Hey guys!

Jiayous for Os okay! Its coming up in a few days right? I have to prepare for my HCL Os too

Im sorry i couldnt provide much help ): I hope you guys will get into your dream JC!

And we should totally go out after Os! Havent seen you guys for sooo long alr! I miss you all ~

Good luck to my most favourite people in the world! I LOVE YOU ALL (:

- Siying

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, June 9, 2013, 5:50 PM
revision for magnet and electromagnetism! :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, May 26, 2013, 3:43 PM

hello o' levels are coming and i did not though it would come so fast.

i seriously missed out a lot especially during lessons... and by that i mean that i am not strong in certain topics and chapters. i hope you girls can help but i am afraid it will be hard to get it contact. hope we can get into same JC for Phyllis next year so we can see each other and help out each other in our studies more easily

now i getting ready for my chinese olevels
wish me luck :)

-signing off :) yuannie

Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 6:37 PM


haha its now 6:35 pm, 10 Oct 2012. Yuannie finished her eoy exams today right ? hehe jyjy phyllis! baahhah im so bored so i came back here write random stuff.

Did you guys watch WGM, To the beautiful you, or Reply 1997?  (:(:(:(:


Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, December 28, 2011, 1:54 PM

hi gals! i miss you

- yuannie

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, November 13, 2011, 10:51 PM

guys. i know its been super long since i last posted and i m sorry. just wanna say that i love you guys:) :) haha i am so randomm. so lets quick find a date to watch movie and go out ok?

Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 9:15 PM

HELLO PEEPS ! It's currently 9:16pm now, i finished my revision and hw and im bored :O
SOOOOO, the last post was Phyllis's mistake LOL (Y) 2010?!
this blog is like so dead and blue ppl keep spamming us -.-



Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, December 29, 2010, 5:52 PM

嗨! 这是我在香港的第一天所拍到的照片. 我们第一天就到迪士尼乐园玩. 我们到那边就看到灰姑娘,白雪公主和其他卡通人物. 他们站在马车里面一边跳舞,一边唱歌. 真的神气. 走啊走,我们走到脚都酸时,就到一个又小又可爱的咖啡馆去吃东西.他们卖的蛋糕都跟迪士尼卡通人物都有关呢! 结果,我们决定买一对米奇米妮的蛋糕. 真的很好吃哦!
有好多好玩的,可惜的是,我们并没有机会去玩.因为我们走到一半时,就下去起雨来了. 好可惜哦! 没关系,以后如果机会来香港,我一定会去迪士尼乐园玩的.

Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, December 28, 2010, 5:13 PM

漂亮吧? 这三张照片是我在香港的最后一天拍到的.好可惜哦! 好了, 我们一家人一起做船去看看那个太白海鲜. 可是我们并没有进去吃午餐,因为很贵. 如果一个人去吃的话,是需要100块. 而且是新笔哦!其实,那些划船的人都已经算很老了.差不多六十,七十多岁的人了.他们本来是鱼夫的. 可是,政府并不要他们做得那么辛苦,所以才叫他们做这份工作的. 这样一来,他们可以赚多一点钱.他们的政府很会替他们想想. 知道他们很辛苦,所以给他们一个比较轻松的工作.

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 4:00 PM

可爱吧? 这些垃圾桶又有用又特别,所以我才忍不住地把它拍下来.这些垃圾桶是将一般废物, 铁罐 和塑料品分开来的. 我发现在海洋公园里,地上好像没有垃圾,真的很干净哦!我觉得香港是个很重视保护环境的一个国家. 这些香港人都好像已经习惯把垃圾分好才把它丢进垃圾桶里. 我觉得我们新加坡人应该向他们多多学习.

虽然我国有这种垃圾桶,可是他们并没有把它放在每个购物中心.还有,他们应该从小就培养减少垃圾的好习惯.这样以来,这就会变成国民的生活习惯,也不会觉得垃圾放进适合的垃圾桶是件麻烦的事情了. 让我们一起去保护环境吧!

Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, December 27, 2010, 4:32 PM

HEYHEY!!!! I m back!! hahaha, super sorries for not updating n stuff...hehehe too busy sleeping alr... oh man! I M SOOO SUPER SCREWED!!!! School starts in like 8 days n i like still got a ton of hw to do....:(:( y cant hw just do their own work???? y must teachers give students hw when its the hols?? Holidays means to rest n slack not stay at home n do homework n stress....haiz....when I become a teacher i will definitely not give my students any hw....hahaha jkjk...there is no way i m ever gonna be a teacher lah... my students will die de...

so anyways, my trip to HK sucked like hell.... it rained the first day when I went to disneyland...didnt take a single ride at all...totally lost its purpose...then second day go macau,the temperature dropped to 5 degrees. third day it was slightly better. 8 degrees.

then go back to HK again... the tourguide was useless. keep speaking in cantonese then like I dun get wad she toking abt.... the hotel was even worse.... toilet- no bathtub,super small.smaller than my own toilet seh...thyen they forgot to add an extra bed for me! then the room was sooo small that there was no room to put our luggage....then have to put on our beds...then the bed block the entrance to the toilet then have to walk on the beds to go toilet. In short, it was terrible! haiz...better dun say le...Byebieeeeee!!

Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 10:47 AM

heyy siying! get well soon!! it's normal to cry! it's yr first time so it's normal!! get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so how do u settle yr lunch? since u need go out and eat....or yr papa or mama taking care of u???

btw, thx arh... but my vocab very limited lehh...i read a lot books always forgotten check meaning of words.... D: xianz.... wad vocab can i use??

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, December 10, 2010, 9:09 PM

maybe u could use better vocabs?
OK Im not at teacher-.-

I wanted to control my tears but den very pain ):
i have to skip training for 2 wks
now i limp everywhre i go and ppl stare at me -.-
i don think i can go out with yall nxt tues ):

Always forever,
& together!♥

Thursday, December 9, 2010, 11:09 AM

hello people...
i've got a holiday homework , compostion about holidays.... i wrote finish and i hope u could comment on the chat box after reading it. feel free to say your opinions, because i am not good in english, thank you :)

It has been weeks since the school holidays started and it is going to end soon. I was sure that everyone had enjoyed their school holidays, and so was I, despite the pile of holiday homework and tuition work.

During my November holidays, I had my CCA camp. On the first day of the camp, we were divided into six groups. Our task is to be enthusiastic most of the time and to have teamwork. So first, we start off with bonding games. We played together with the other groups as well. Later in the afternoon, we had CO as normal till 5pm and we continued playing bonding games till dinner. After dinner, we were sent to our classrooms to rest. Later at night, we were to go to the music room to watch horror movies. As for those who did not want to watch the horror movie, will watch some comedies at the study area. Around 11pm, we were sent back to our classrooms to sleep.

On the next morning, we had CO as normal from 9am to 1pm. We had lunch with our seniors at MacDonald’s. After that, we went back to school and were excited about the “Amazing Race” in Sentosa we will be going later in the afternoon. But despite of the rainy weather, we have to change our plans and plan the activities in school. After half an hour later, the “Amazing Race” started. It was fun, exciting and challenging by guessing the next place and completing the task we were given. We had great teamwork and got into the first place. After all the other groups came back, the prize ceremony begins. We were given prizes on how enthusiastic we are, and great teamwork and some other prizes.

From this camp, I could see all the task force members working together and even sacrificed their time and energy just to make sure nothing would go wrong. Their unquenchable spirit and energy impressed me deeply. Coming to the end of the camp, everyone was exhausted and looked rather gloomy after having so much fun together in our groups. I will be looking forward to the next CO camp next year.

During the December holidays, my family and I went to Gold coast, Australia. After 3 years, we finally got to go overseas. It was a seven days trip. After meeting with our tour group, we were sent to our hotel rooms for our rest after the long flight on plane. The most exciting trip around Gold Coast is at the “Dreamworld”. We got to experience the thrilling rides on Wipeout, The Claw, Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster and many other rides. After that, we got to head to the Australian Wildlife Experience to see its resident animals like koalas and kangaroos in the natural habitats.

Thereafter, we head to “Warner Bros. Movie World”, known as “Hollywood on the Gold Coast”. Not only we got to get on thrilling rides, we also get to enjoy the Shrek 4D Adventure show and ride on the scariest, spookiest and most spine-tingling rollercoaster, Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster.

The trip I love most is to go to “Tangalooma Wild Dophin Resort” on Moreton Island on the 75-minute catamaran cruise. In the afternoon, we went on a 4WD Desert Safari Tour of Tangalooma Desert and got to discover how the sand island was formed and see the natural-coloured sand in the Desert. Later in the evening, we were given some food to hand-feed the wild dolphins as they swim near the beach. It was the first time I got to touch the dolphins and I got rather nervous yet elated.

On our last day of the trip, we got to know better of our tour group members. After that we departed and got back to Singapore.

It was an unforgettable holiday for me, don’t you think so?

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 10:21 AM

heyyy yinggie!
sry for not posting...
hahaz... i can see that you have many problems.... *sobz*
haiz.... calm down....
hmmm............................................................... maybe you should watcha anime...
or taiwan dramas.....
btw u saying about your senior arh?

(next topic)
you all have to write about compostions about holidays?

yuannie here

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, November 26, 2010, 11:21 AM

yinggie here.
everyone has different personalities. some are like shEEt, some are supa nice (:
my class also got alot of those u-know-who ppl
thats why they always got bullied >:
u din get bullied, and alot of ppl still like u
its not like the whole school hates u rite?
im not always very happy in my school too. i get left out sometimes.
but i have more time. u have too rite?
its not like u can choose ur friends.
u got into which class, u must accept them

(next topic)

ohoh. i keeep having the same dream over and over again :D
and i LIKE :D its so cool. i can like predict wad will happen. and it seems weird but i can control somethings in my dream
so funnnnn ! >:D i wish i cud have that dream 4eva. i wish, IT CAME TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (:

Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, November 22, 2010, 6:00 PM

hello. this is yuannie again :(
haiz.... u know hor, i dun like my school still... though i have wens there....
dey always think they sacrifice a lot,.... haiz... i dun even dare speak ill of dem...
siying seem so like so xing fu, u liked by so many ppl :)
Phyllis got some fwens ,i know, she always tok abt it hahaz....
si ying got a few.... sometimes tok abt it...
i only dare trust these ppl >> *not gonna say as u know who u r... :D ....*
hahaz... signing off

Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, November 8, 2010, 6:38 PM

yay! after 22 nov, u and i are free... only tat i still have practices on mon and sat.... gtg bb

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 11:06 AM


Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, November 7, 2010, 3:09 PM

waaa... who so siao... scolding vulgarities.... chill ...should be siying right... hahaz...
who is it aniwas? :D


Always forever,
& together!♥

Saturday, October 30, 2010, 10:38 PM


Always forever,
& together!♥

, 10:36 PM

this is really random but


Always forever,
& together!♥

Saturday, October 23, 2010, 8:24 PM

5 more days to HOLIDAYS ):
AWWW i wan spend more time in school. so damn boring at hm.
i wish we could go chalet for our class outing. but it turned out to be badminton chalet instead. 6 of us wan pon it. so some say sick, some say go overseas. but den they say those who don go still must pay $17. we were like WTF?! plus, still must buy presents for the "almighty-super-awesome-seniors" EEEE. mY $$$. actually idc bout $$$, but i very buay song. I HATE BMT. idk wth did i join in the first place. gg would be so much better right, phyllis? ):


me again (:

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, September 12, 2010, 1:22 AM

LOL It's currently 1:22am, and im having insonmia, AGAIN -.-
nvm, at least i think its kinda cool :D
anw, im so crazy over TS's new song "Mine" OMGOMGOMGOMG
pbb cuz the lyrics made me cry ( JK, i wudnt cry ) im just touch :D REALLY TOUCH
he was like " We'll never make ur parents mistake..."
"i'll never leave you alone.I remember how we felt, sitting by the water.
And every time I look at you, it's like the first time.
I fell in love with a careless man's careful daughter.
She is the best thing that's ever been mine"
KK, stop it, i think im really gonna cry. SO TOUCHING :P
but must watch the vid, got better effects, and get u more emotional :DDD
OKKKK, so wad do i say now? BLAHBLAHBLAH.
BUHBYE DEN. Imma update my PB now :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 5:13 PM

XD, so long nvr post... haiz...now adays v. busy.... dunno lah... :( haiz.... june hols...

Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, June 14, 2010, 5:28 PM

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! i going cut hair 2day cuz' of drama...psps...siying...so tat day we going to meet only see only... :D then we eat lunch...then.. :P i like last minute planning... :P so tat day (24th june?) meet... :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, June 7, 2010, 9:40 PM

so 2moro 10...blah blah...

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 5:41 PM

i didnt meant to cry, but it was unbearable
how wud you feel, if ur alrd losing the game, losing badly, and its all ur fault. ur partner did the best to score a point, but den u lose a point by missing an easy ball. den ur coach scolded you like mad, saying that ur very blur, all the opponent's service were out, yet u took it. not just tat, when u was supposed to stand side by side wif ur partner, u didnt. ur partner was alrd standing at the 3 quarter court, yet u still stood infront, without knowing anything. ur supposed to take the ball, but u let ur partner take and make her run around the whole court. u wasnt supposed to lob, but u did. ur suppose to drop-shot, but u didnt. u try ur best to take the ball, but it just doesnt seem to listen. hti ur opponent's backhand, hit at the 4 corners, did you? NO!
ur coach face, was like "Wad de hell?! wad the hell is wrong wif u?!" and ur partner face was like" u missed such an easy ball?! the opponent's service was out, u took it? can u concentrate! ur making me lose!" ur teamates were toking amongst themselves, looked at me and sighed. ur opponent was so damn happy, keep cheering, keep smiling, keep laughing. n u just stood there, like a total idiot. and everyone was like watching
u, and they all gave up.
u cause ur partner to lose. u cud have won the game!
u cause ur coach to lose face, all the training's gone down the drain.

Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 8:21 PM

sighs if only ur in my sch...

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 9:58 AM

who is yr this friend.?! no sportmanship de??!!
just try yr best lahh..some tips for u :) >>
- you should practise until you are confident of having a strong game.
- You should walk on to the court having stretched and being fully fit.
- You should also be mentally prepared. Make sure you know your opponent’s game - strengths, weaknesses, and favourite moves and shots.
- Shortly before you face your opponent, run through your ideal game in your head. Prepare some shots you know will highlight your opponent’s weaknesses.
- Make every point count. Attack constantly, no matter what the score is. Defensive tactics rarely win games.
- Strong shots can be difficult to play with a backhand, especially for players new to the sport. If possible, and practical, use a forehand - this is likely to give you more control over the power and direction of the shot.
Attritional tactics
- Patience is a useful virtue in badminton players. Practise long rallies and your stamina will not let you down when you are faced with a long rally in a competition. It is a useful trick to have up your sleeve to tire out your opponent, physically and mentally. Loss of concentration means the opposition will make mistakes.

hope got help ^^


Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 5:37 PM

But she's very annoyed with me already lehh.
everytime i hit a ball wrongly then she would like *sigh* and roll her eyes.
she keep asking me "do you think we can win?" and look at me thinking "all because of you we cant win"
den i'll give her my pitiful looks back "sorry"
tmr got frendly match with admiralty sec sch
they quite good luhh, at least they got into the quarter finals. RV didnt. they got kicked out at the first few rounds. lol
manzxc, we're terrible.
She's gonna gimme that look tmr again
this whole wk got training except mon

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, May 30, 2010, 4:24 PM

to siying:
maybe u could er...have xtra training wif her...u should also do more xtra practice...
and also...er...dun get to stressed.....yr BF harh...should be ok de lah...all the best sy! u can do it :)

i a lot projects to do lehh...
hw......english got the most lorh...
btw...i dunno if we have time to meet or not lehh :'(
monday will start with my project le...
june holidays sucks...
haiz...u all have fun bah.... :'(


Always forever,
& together!♥

Saturday, May 22, 2010, 3:24 PM


my badminton partner, A, which is also my best friend, is better than me in bmt. during ranking day, she ranked the 2nd best, and i ranked the 3rd worst. coach make 2 of us doubles together. she always wins the balls, and i always loses the balls(this applies to all the games we've played). i can see shes getting annoyed with me, but she didnt say it. it made me feel really bad. she also has personal training with another coach lah. everytime she loses a ball, her father wud scold her like hell. so if her father's coming to watch the competition, which is only 2 wks away, den how? im gona cause her to lose, AGAIN.
i feel really bad. i dun mind losing, but i dun wan because of my failure and cause other ppl to lose too.

tell me wad i can do plz D:

Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 5:27 PM

heyy!! ppl!! i can't wait for june holidays neither!!!

Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, May 18, 2010, 9:28 PM


Im So not anticipated to get back my marks uh. but i really studdehh harddd, yeah, like for PSLE
haiz, CCA sux. i wan join UG.
evrything is terrible these few days, nth's goin rite :(

i hope JUN HOLS come soon...! JUN HOLSSSSS, PlZ hUrRy CoMe ! (:

Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, May 4, 2010, 5:07 PM

hahas XD
si ying!!! :P mama mia, lala,,,.... i wanna change blog skin right after exams, btw, hmmmm..... just wanna say hor, haiz... we have conversational malay examinations... is oral only la, sounds easy, but i can imagine myself sitting in front of the malay teacher, eith malays words spitting out which i could not even understand... waaaaaaaa i die liao lah... :'(
justin bieber is nice, but i dun really know much of his songs, i only rmb one "ohh baby baby baby ohhh..." hahas XD

Always forever,
& together!♥

Saturday, May 1, 2010, 6:45 PM

sry peeps,so long mei post ):
me am terribly stress + busy ):
ughh... exams last throughout the whole mth
y mr koh torture us lidat ? :(
hw is pilling up too
CCA is making me worse
3 times a wk ya noe?

aniways how r u guys?
seemed so relax
gd for uuuu
sry, im being random here but...


Always forever,
& together!♥

Saturday, April 24, 2010, 2:05 PM

hello ppl! my exams will start from 29 april to 14 may...

Wish me all the best! <3
on 14 May, anyone can call me go out le >.<
first come first serve basis :)
sms me :D
but i think i would like to visite student care first!
when will yr exams end then? sms me :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, April 16, 2010, 8:49 PM

heyy yoz ppl/... u know last time we went out with lily and si ying... psps..pt tat time was camping... ok... lily was like asking me if there were any hot guys in my class...and i said yes.. they asked me if i lyk him...i say i dun like..i say i only like sissy ones... but i ended up... finding him...OMG!! dunno how say... but i not dun lyk him.. and i not lyk him... argh!! tat feeling... :(

Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 9:26 PM

hihi... today was a pervertic day...hahas

Always forever,
& together!♥

Thursday, April 8, 2010, 5:14 PM

hello!!!!!!!!!! my dear dear fwens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am really very busy nowadays with school work!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't really go blog... but nvm, since now i hav the time, shall blog then :P
btw, hor, popo...WISH YOU GD LUCK FOR THE TEST! >.<
and for the entrepreneurship day thingy, i rmb we sold er... stress balls which are sold out very fast.... hmmmmmmmm.... see who u sell to lorz... btw, who u sell to har?? hahas... lol :P
btw, i miss u all a lot leh... when can we meet?

Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 9:01 PM

heyyy guys i m sry 4 not posting 4 sooo long. but i m seriously 2 busy wiv sch work n stuff...I m soooo jealous of my friend cos she getting her own guitar - acoustic one. Cool rite? i hope i wil have all 3 guitars one day but i probably have to wait like 10 yrs?

Currently watching ko3an guo again!!!! See , it rox!! wadeva~Anyway, i have a test tomorrow ,wish me luck ok? I just created a class website ,actually its 'we' . Um...i need ur help,can u tell me wad u sold during entrepreneurship ? I might consider using ur ideas for my sch carnival. We are gg to work for our air con installation!!! So happy!!


(P.S. I know this is a totally random blog but i have become very random so dun mind ok?)

Always forever,
& together!♥

Saturday, April 3, 2010, 3:39 PM

heyy, my friends!!
sry for not posting, nowadays quite busy!! :'(
psps.... v. sry... i dunno....i wanna go down and do some jogging!!
btw, school ar... v. bad, bcoz' of that damn abalone!! damn it!!!!!!!!! damn it!!!!!!!!
then hor we got music project and it is to sing in front of the whole class, with any songs we like.... we let shi ying choose... hahas.... coz' she can only sing chinese, btw, gtg, i will post... but quite long ....

btw, come my house, i wanna see a guitar tuner!!

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, April 2, 2010, 10:39 PM

Sorry for not posting so long D:

So, popo, i see you have found your conscience huh?
at last you posted!
where have u found your conscience? on the floor? or in the toilet bowl? :D
JKJK, dun be angry, petty popo

next time must help tune my guitar too. it's like so OUT!

nth to post bout. sku is quite ok. everything is ok.
except for somethings, like the math grping. i grp with 2 boys D:
all the grps got 2 gals, 2 boys. oni mine, 1 gal, 2 boys.
those two SLACKERS D:

YUANNIE WHERE R U?????????????????

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, March 28, 2010, 9:22 PM

hey guys ! just bought my tuner for muai guitar 2dae!!!:):):) so happy !!! okay, i duno y i keep using the exclamation point so dun ask me y ! i had palm sunday today, nad i kinda understood wad the pastor was trying 2 sae n that is pretty good considering that i always tune out 2 wad the pastor says . so happy !!! then i stayed wiv my fren while waiting 4 my mum 2 buy groceries. then we crapped 4 abt 45 min. then we realised that one of our "kg" frens was waiting 4 his mum n dad - got some kind of church meeting - and decided 2 play wiv him since he was kiinda lonely,in the end we just toked until my mum came back.

I m damn scared of that guy that i pissed off the other time cos 2dae i came 2 church early and met my fren then we dumped our bags n went down to ask him if we can meet up after church on the 11 april 2010. but bcos he playing guitar, then we scared of him and scared of disturbing him so we just loitered outside toking 2 other ppl. then i ask my fren 2 send sms 2 him, then when he replied ,he sounded kinda pissed off. he replied :"Erm...you guys know that you can come in rite?-.-" blah blah blah... So i was like wadeva!!!

anyway i spent the whole day reading manga- reborn- and playing fb. This weekend is soooo boring!!! Aniwaes , bye bieeee!!!!


Always forever,
& together!♥

Thursday, March 25, 2010, 8:48 PM

Hi!!! To yuannie: patrol is something like a group but bcos i in guides so call it patrol lor.

I m gg to have my napfa 2moro- 5 static stations!!!

I hate drills damn painful lor , duno how i m gg to take my napfa 2moro .*grumbles*

Anyway, I kinda pissed my senior in church yesterday.(I pissed him off by smsing). cos he loan me guitar chords an i had no idea wad is G/B thingie and i asked him a lot of questions. then in the end he ask me if wan to meet up in church n stay back so he plae for us to hear and see then dun need 2 keep smsing him. he sae he v. busy de . WTH??? the song damn difficult 2 plae lor!!! i tel u the 3 songs arh. they are....still,its Your blood and heart for You. quite nice lah

bie bee


Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, March 22, 2010, 5:58 PM

so many hw -.-
:( :( :(

Always forever,
& together!♥

Saturday, March 20, 2010, 4:54 PM

btw, gals, this is an example of a blog if u want it can change the blogskin :) http://nothin-testin.blogspot.com/ i let u all choose, if dun like, then choose others, btw, yinggie got nice taste... so i dunno lah... :(

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 3:15 PM

ello!! Popo, wat is patrol ar?
btw, if u wanna change the URL, u can change urself :) coz' grant u as administrator... :D i dun mind... :)
today play zhong ruan, v. nice :) wa!! i feel so cool!!!
we all different CCA... haiz...
btw, i hope to find a blogskin, which can put our own pictures one, the 6G from DLSS , their blog pictures are all theirs... v. nice :) u all can go see... :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, March 19, 2010, 9:40 PM

sorry guys,i mean gals 4 not posting for soo long.cos i 4got the password for my blogger account....

BPGHS is frying my brain....study too much le...aniwae, i hope u gals had a gd time during the hols...i didnt .Obviously,i had a ton of hw and a shitty camp to go to. I hate camp!!! Especially,scouts and guides combined camp..my patrol soo not high de and my roommate sooo whiny and complainy...so irritating lor..cant stand her lors...now i have like a 100 mosquitoes bites on my entire body and my legs are breaking + my arms are gg to drop soon.

I loveeeee pizza hut + bubble tea!!!!!!they rawk!!! after being deprived from them for so long, i feel like i m gg to be anorexia or wadeva..I was completely humiliated during camp lor...sry not onli me but my whole patrol!!! tell u arh, wad happen was that during campfire , my patrol was announced the loser patrol and my frens patrol was the winner patrol so the forfeit was.........that they had a lipstick as in a red one and they have 3 min to draw on the loser 's faces....gross rite?

that was not the worst part.the worst part was that we had to catwalk and pose to all the other patrols..HUMILIATING SIA!!! but luckily my fren was quite nice larhs,nvr go and laugh at me or my patrol.

haiz now i have to bb le cos i have hw to do...sad case sia next wk still got 2 tests.Shitty poo!!!!babyes anyways

Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 9:15 PM

i got millions n millions n millions of ur PHOTOS!
I'm so pro. maybe all my ancestors are great photographers-so am i!
:D :D :D :D :D
yeah, we were like mad dogs running around like mad :D
who ask u yi zhi yao tou pai wo, na jiu bu hui gao cheng xian zai zhe zhong di bu le lorh :D
wa, u v. funny leh. u went to my house, ALL BY URSELF, den dunno how to go back???
SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 6:24 PM

WA!!!! i did not even manage to get a picture of si ying today... we were like running around the house like mad dogs... and si ying... wanna take my photo... then i oso wan... when i took her photo, she will snatch my phone or chase my around the house just to get my phone and delete it... so... too bad... don't have any photos :P

Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, March 15, 2010, 3:49 PM

hey hey :D
im so sian, alone at hm.
youtube got no songs to listen to liao.
hw i all dunno how to do.
FB games are boring.
maybe back to school is better.
gd thang tmr i go out wif ys n lil.
if not i will be bored to death
so sainz...
aniwaes, i just got my very own laptop yesterday
so now i using it to post :D
pretty cool huh?
i love it si bei much
kk, continue regular posting guys :P

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, March 14, 2010, 6:59 PM

all i can tink of is hw, hw, hw...
si qi so good. can play com sia...
bu xiang wo lo, wo kan zhe ta wan :(
yuannie,u change the blogskin again?
ooo...aniwaes, the music is nice. what is the name of this song?

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 2:07 PM

the blogskin so damn nice lorhs ! :D
i so gan dong dao make me wanna cry :'(
I <3 u! :D

bu xiang popo, nvr contribute anything
at least i got contribute by making the blog not dead by posting.
popo nvr post. shes the laziest pig i've ever seen.

ok, cannot tok alredi. still got millions of hw waiting for me to finish. BB, YUANNIE ! :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, March 12, 2010, 9:11 PM

when u all wanna meet and go to PCF visit together :) call them too.... :) pls answer me ASAP!! :)
can't wait!!! :)

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, March 5, 2010, 8:27 PM

cool down, yuannie. u r not the oni one who had a bad dae today. me too :(
I MISSED THE SCH BUS BY 15SEC! i reach bus stop den realise the SCHOOL BUS left! OMG! i ran to mrt . den very squeezy, n i was alredi gonna be late. i stepped a woman's foot, den she yi zhi deng zhe wo. WTF?! i alredi sry liao, idiot... den recah lakeside tat time, the train suddenly stopped at mid way.stopped for v. long. WTC?! i was gonna be late liao. 3 mins l8r it started moving. den got announcement. due to wat bla bla bla, the train had to travel in slow speed. GREAT?! walao, den reli damn slow. took 7 mins to reach one station. OMG?! i xiao che den ran to JP, saw lydia. phew... den we ran to sch together. when we reached, everybody was alredi gathered. we still have to put our bags in our 4level classroom den change to PE attire leh! WTH...

PE lessson was WORST! cuz we must grp in 8 wat. den very luan. teacher scold. den everyone started siting down. we were the last la. den teacher scold us lo. she asked the last grp to stand, which were us. den she started naggin "why u all so slow huh? bla bla bla..."" all of u run around the tennis court for the whole pe lesson!" ok, we reli ran, FOR THE WHOLE LESSON! 45mins seh, NON STOP. my leg hurts like hell lo.

History lesson. got back test result crappp... i wrote so much in the end got so less points. everybody all better then me!

chinese lesson. GOT TING XIE! i nvr learn. forgotten! still must bei! i nvr bei or learn a word. surely fail lo, must retest one leh...

i hate today :(

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 1:54 PM

YOz! Yoz! SI YING!! common tests are finally over!! today is the worst day of my life man!!!

let me tell u what happen...
"bananas in pyjamas....." my alarm rang...
wake up, brush teeth, wash up...
got to the living room...
"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" my mother is eating my rock cakes which are for the test, and she almost eat all!!!! still left one very small bite :(
OMG!! how am i going to do the Evaluation? shit! i started crying... my mother dun care, wth....

Yesterday, i told her to test out if nice or not, she say very full coz' after dinner mah... then i call her try 2moro morning...

And the next morning, SHE TRIED ALL, or should i say, SHE ATE ALL!!! (not all exactly, managed to stop her from eating the last bite, which i dun think can work out for my evaluation) What the heck lor!!! i am so damn angry, everyday i had been very calm and not to be angry and forgive.... BUT NOW.... WTH!! SHIT!! THE WORST WEEK OF MY LIFE!!! THIS WEEK!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mother so damn evil, i crying, she still scold me, " MAKE ANOTHER ONE LAH!!!" i said that that is called cheating...
then she replied in a "bui songr" tone , " IS THE SAME INGREDIENTS!!!"
then i say is my home econ partner do one, i not really sure how to do...
then she replied in the "bui songr" tone again," AH!!!!!" then she shout very loud, and then we at the carpark sia... in the car actually... wth lor, got this type of mother... papa at least way much better... haiz...
(the end of wat happened this early morning)

(the end of what happen this morning of exam... )

Abalone ah abalone..... wa!!!!!!!!!!!!! i everything group with her one lor! PW, CL!!! ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat the hell....气死我了!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just to summarise... THIS WEEK IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!

Always forever,
& together!♥

Thursday, March 4, 2010, 10:25 PM

got bk math test marks, kinda expected it luhh... 21/25 A1
i pro rite? got the top 3 position :D
is i study hard one larh...
today com lesson ttl sux :x
wat HTML?! i dunno WTC is he toking bout.
gd ting still got notes. gd ting yi yan let me copy her format.
everything is absolutely=DONE (i guess)
im trying to improve my typing skills. avril and yi yan can type so fast.
so damn xian mu luhh...
tmr got BMT training. ranking starts. i gota feeling im the 3rd last. its OBVIOUS


Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, March 1, 2010, 8:12 PM

oww. y'all not posting. ys cannot cuz exam. pt leh? yeah, she noes it herself... actually can just erase her name from tis blog lo. lol. my exams are almost over. great. i hate stupid exams. yucks ><
waiting for lydia to finih her hw, so she can invite me to her blog.
still waiting. she wanna me to tag. :)
ohh, crapp. toking to myself is so damn boring seh...

Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, February 22, 2010, 7:22 PM

wa, pt nvr post jiu suan le. now ys, u oso nvr post. sianzz...
i got into badminton, wif avril.
training damn tough.
the muscle aches took 3 days to recover.
tmr have training again.
havent bought badminton shoes yet. the coach wants us to buy.
buying later. hope got my size. avril said smallest size is 38. mine is 37
lots of tests comin up. not quite prepared, yeah...
got new hp aniways :D SUMSUNG PRESTON( touch phone)
so x, but nicey.

Always forever,
& together!♥

Thursday, February 18, 2010, 5:42 PM

this is chu san... what happened... haiz... go there for 5 hours, dunno why feel like only go there for 1 hour :( v. sad!!!

ai.... go home liao....

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, February 12, 2010, 6:50 PM

after boring cny celebration in rv todae, i headed to dlss with shen yi n joeline. went to lot 1 eat mos burger den saw two seniors.
den we started laughing like... walk to dls . shen yi told me a joke. i was drinking water, so when i laugh, the water came out from my nose. ew... gross! found pt at sch gate wif many other ex-lasalllians . waited for ys for like erm 1h? den went in sch. dunno wat to do. so came out of dls den went pcf. tok wif the teachers n juniors. even took pix n ate chocos. den the boys came. but we didnt tok. den pt go hm. den all the boys went hm, except for HIM. den HIM come into the classroom, where ys n me r in. den cher debbie asked us to exchanged hp no. he agreed readily. so me , ys n HIm wrote down our no. den we took down all the no. so i got HIS, he got me n ys one. :D :D :D :D :D im nuts... den 4 oclock went hm. sad. actually wanted to stay longer :D :D :D
after tat went to Yt point wif ys, after shopping, sat on a bench outside YT point. saw wanting, rexanne, n joy. tok tok a wile. den oso exchanged hp no. den go hm la... :D :D :D D :D im still feeling so weird rite now.... so weird, n i <3 tis feelin. :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Thursday, February 11, 2010, 10:45 PM

eh.. can i post again? i nth to do... er wat shud i rite? random stuffs, like wat? ok, i tok bout my class...

12 boys-(u wundnt wanna even look at them)
21 gaals-( dam lot of beauties)
chairwoman-grace( she got act in mediacorp one)
my class quite ok de. except i feel like nth in tat class. one word, invisible. actually, not reli, quite visible. ok its confusing, but try to understand :D i wish i cud skip com lessons n dnt lessons. I ttly hate DNT... sux...

den some of class de beauties kept trying to flirt wif the chairman. gd ting they didnt hug... they oni dong back n shouldres nia...
JIAWEI JIAWEI JIAWEI, shou bu liao ta. try to act innocent. but hes reli gd in actin leh... til i oso dumbly believe him.. WTF...
im so sian. ok, reli, i gtg sleep now. if not tmr got eyebags :D aniwaes, i today cha dian late for sku. but they carn blame me. wan blame? blame sku bus :D hope the ku bus wud be late everydae. damn cooooooooooool sia... :D no more crapping, yinggie. shhs

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 10:38 PM

we change sitting partners in sku again. n i sat wif the emo's boy fwen, known as the bad-tempered boy. so when i sat wif him, wo men liang de zuo zi shi fen kai de, n den we covered our faces n dun face each other.den teacher saw us den she said ni men liang hai xiu shen me? lai, ta jiao jia le, ta jiao si ying. den walaoeh, the whole class laugh like dunno wat... but actually he quite ok, except jiang hua you dian bu qing bu chu. lydia say after jia le sit wif me, he looked happier. den i was like" reli? ok..."
tmr goin to dls. no particular feelins... dunno why. im feeling-less. wow? cant sleep. dunno why. im outta my mind. i tok so much... weird, jus, basically, typically weird... shall end here, buy peeps... see ur tmr! :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, February 9, 2010, 4:40 PM

heehee!!! i met a boy, 1/3 gabriel, 1/3 eddy and 1/3 brighten!! all the other boys act cool bui cool,
still got oone more, coz he 2 years older than us, so he more matured... :)
... got the 3/3 boy's no....

lol... heehee..... xiao !!! lol... si ying1!!!!! phyllis just recieved my CNY card!!!
u recieved so early!!

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, February 7, 2010, 2:02 PM

the BBQ ytd was DAMN FUNNNNNNNNNNNN! i so guai lo, i help to BBQ leh, bu xiang momo ren :D den tat donald duck kept wanting to take pic for me. i very pretty meh? :D the best part was the BBQ-ing of mashmallows :D COOOOOOOL. the mashmallows were so soft... yum chewy :D GTG, BB

Always forever,
& together!♥

Saturday, February 6, 2010, 7:04 PM

my school badminton coach nvr choose me lor... even i appeal also cannot.... haiz... i dun like the coach le la... today go for Chinese Orchestra orientation talk... so fun!! all thanks to popo and yinggie, i have a music background which is guitar! :D so happy... i can learn to play the ruan!! :) heehee

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 3:57 PM

gd to hear tat u have made new fwens. its awkward at first alrite, but after tat u can treat them as ur long time fwens le.
l8r ggoing to cousins house for BBQ... (not excited) to me, its like SIANZZZZ...
idk wat to do now... Fb nth to play one... BB :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, February 5, 2010, 5:25 PM

finally got back home... at school need to decorate classroom wif cny things....haiz... manage to get new friends... but everytime wif them, dunno what to talk.... i just kept looking at them....
i finally met a boy a bit like brighten, his name jian hua... as irritating as brighten....argh!!! i kicked his shoes!! MUAhahahahhahahahahahahaha!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!! but i think someone in our class got brain problem....
zhi shang... u all understand....???
i keep feeling like to scold him ,"tiam la, kao bei!" argh!! coz' i change sit liao
everywhere i sit, always so dao mei..... argh!!!

Always forever,
& together!♥

Thursday, February 4, 2010, 9:11 PM

heyy, ys. dun be sad. if u dunno the test surely alot of ppl dunno one... Aniwaes, did ur appeal for badminton cheng gong?
ys, u must make more friends, even if they are talkative or thick-skinned. talkative one shud be easier to make fwens wif. i noe the thick-skinned ones hen zao gao, but u must choose the better ones of the thick-skinned gals. if u wanna enjoy ur sch life, fwens are the best solution. i noe u dun like most of them, but if u make fwens wif them, u will start to accept their ways n like them. if u still dun wanna make fwens, u will even be more sad. So, Gl on making fwens :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, February 3, 2010, 4:20 PM

ying so gd!! today is my worst day of all!!2day got chinese spelling, and teacher nvr told us is test by telling us the meaning of the cheng yu....成语!!!haiz.... so sad... then i dunno lor... only know a few, but the only gd thing is that teacher let us discuss with our partners.. but my partner is a boy and he didn't even learn lor.... even 1 question oso dunno... in the end need to give him all the answers lor... :(

Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, February 2, 2010, 8:32 PM

ELLOOOOOOOOOO.... i tink i'll post daily, CUZ EVERYDAE GOT NO HW>< cooooooool.

Today hor, i SUPER HIGH!
All thx to Yiyan n Avril, wo feng le :D
Yi Yan n I doodled on the board after sch, drawing smiley faces, den started laughing like no one's business. Avril join in, laugh even more.
Go hm wif wan qi, avril, n yi yan... keep laughing all the way till MRT. den we all keep taking each other pix in MRT...

i hope i'll continue 2 stay high :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, February 1, 2010, 9:36 PM

i tis few days damn sian, so keep posting. today was a normal sch dae la, nth much to sae. i got pranked today. diao. Lydia so bad lo, go anyhow prank me. nxt time i go prank her back :D tis few daes got no hw, cool huh? today got math test ( pair wrk) i tou tou change places cuz i dun wana pair up wif tat emo guy. in the end, i did half of the test wrongly. the marks will be recorded leh... CRAPPP...shud have sat wif the emo guy. he math pro one. he taught me the last question but no time liao so cannot change... :( oh my. my marks... :( shall end here, GL ys

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 5:46 PM

yinggie so gd!! u nothin 2 do.. i so many things to do!! Now, every week got exam!! and is real exam sia!! 2 moro got history test... haiz.....and science... fail maths test... need retake...haiz.... when can life be any better?!! :(

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, January 31, 2010, 3:19 PM

Sianz lorh, tmr got sch again...
wake up earle...
Yuanny, i guess nxt time popo wont post anymore. so left the two of us le...
gd ting tmr no PE :z if not i'll die :N
dunno wat to rite... com nth to play... currently only waiting for friend requests...
luckily got Utube, if nt, dunno how 2 survive.
OOO tmr can see my new friends again, n tat emo guy nxt to me... -.- too emo for words
CRRRRAPPPPPPPPPP... must go out l8r...
TOOO LAZY...... (i noe im v. random)
nth to rite, nth to post...


Always forever,
& together!♥

Saturday, January 30, 2010, 11:54 AM

Ah ying ah!!! dun scare me xia!! chu san is on 16 feb!!! go see yr calender!! >.<
i 14 and 15 feb need to see my relatives xia!!!

gd for si, so many good friends.... i jealous... my school only got 1 good and 1 okok friend..... haiz.... ppl there ... got 2 gals so ah beng... dun like... say wat we so sexist.... disgusting mouth.... argh!!!! haiz..... this is bad this is bad.... idunlikemyschool....
i can't wait to go back to my primary school on 12 feb!!! muahahahahahahaha!!! yinggie say also go to student care... u tink popo care? muahahhahahahaah!!

~shall end here then, (yinggie make sure ah!! :P) heehee..... bb~

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, January 29, 2010, 11:06 PM


Although i have my new friends, but wont forget old friends. :D carn wait for the reunion in DLSS at 12 feb, n to pt's house at 14 feb...

sooo many things happened in sec sch, both happy n unhappy. didnt wanna tink of the unhappy times... but still will tink...

I noe i very random but i still wanna say tis, i love my beautiful dreams i dreamt of at nite :D BUt it cudnt happen i n real life.. IMPOSSIBLE :(

i tink im gettin used to sec sch life cuz i when i go hm earle, i feel so weird... tats like so weird...

Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 2:42 PM

What the heck lor!! i hate my school!! all my friends luv their school... i am like the only one sia.... my school made me sick.... today nvr go school coz' i am SICK AND TIRED OF MY SCHOOL!!! ARGH!!! WHEN CAN LIFE BE ANY BETTER??? LIFE IN MY SCHOOL FOR NOW SUCKS....SITTING ARRANGEMENT SUCKS, BOYS THERE SUCKS, ARGH!! THEY ARE SO CHILDISH AND NOT WELL -MANNERED AND SO IRRITATING!! AND ....TOO MUCH TO SAY..... I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!!! ARGH!!!! ARGH!!! I AM HAVING A HEADACHE NOW!!!
~SHALL N HERE THEN, GD BYE! (i not saying "GD BYE" as not writing anymore...dun worry, i will continue to blog, just ANGRY...oops...) ~

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, January 24, 2010, 7:00 PM

tat DUMB DUMB POPO nvr post lo... haiz, soooooooo many hw. NVR-ENDING HW . ttl sux... :( but life in sec sch is improving, wif mooooore fwens, its just G-R-E-A-T! :D but still miss u guys. will meet up on chu 3 rite? :D went to jog 2.4km... tired lo. i nvr stop at all... den i tot i saw CHEE ZI BIN... i dunno is it him or not... he was oso jogging... he was trying to challenge me somehow... lol... boringringring.... arghh... tmr got sch AGAIN... i wanna go back to DLS instead!!!

Always forever,
& together!♥

Monday, January 18, 2010, 5:59 PM

today there is a boy in our class already going for tournament already leh!!!! how come??? i also so jealous also!!!! everyone's CCA haven't got selected yet, only he know he got into badminton lor!!! is like how come he know so fast???!! then i saw another sec 1 student from another class going for tounament too!!! i am so jealous!!! feel like crying!! wat if i am not chosen to be in the badminton CCA??? wad if!!! ARGH!!! once yinggie say abt badminton...make me think of what happen today in school!! (we got the same fate, can unnderstand yr feelings...) haiz!! wad if i got into other CCA??? my badminton career will be over!! tat time i rmb that one of the badminton seniors will she will be my senior soon...but ....why haven't select yet!! >????? i am so sad and angry and confused and jealous and...!!! haiz.....wadeva...just can't tell mum abt it....actually.... ppl in fuhua, almost the whole school want to join badmiton...some sports selection nvr got selected, want 2 go appeal...xiao...coz' my mum join the PSG...so she going my school meeting and know all this.... ok lah.... i see lih fei hit so gd...dunno why nvr got selected,.... feel so sad for her!! our school only want to choose those gd gd ppl only lorz...coz' our school badminton got 3rd place last year...all pros...but there are very few talented badmiton players.... but some go through DSA i tink.... haiz!!! wad if i can't get into badminton!!!! ying, po!!!!
~ shall end here then, sad :( ~

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 5:51 PM

ACTUALLY, ure wrong... im sooooo confused n sad.
badminton trial tat time the coach say he will ask me to go to the tournament tis year. he say he will call me from my class and ask me to fill up the tournament form. in the end? he nvr lo. westine say the coach went to her class n call her to go for sat training. heee nvr ask meeeeeeeeee go leh... den sat training westine say still got 4 more ppl go... N THE BADMINTON TOURNAMENT IS STARTING FRM TMR LEH! i nvr go... so must wait till NXT YR! wat?! :( :( :(

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, January 17, 2010, 8:28 PM

She rock! isn't it?

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, January 15, 2010, 5:44 PM

haiz..... my friend is wan qing.... at the first day of school...she sit with me....then.....we started to talk....and i find out she keep talkin' abt herself which she keep saying that i can memorise the words....for me....i also got say....but she pretended she never hear and continue her story...hope she will change....she live at woodlands.... wake up at 4am in the morning.... should be not in gd mood...

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 3:18 PM

thx for ur concern, popo. im alrite now. school life is gettin better by a bit... dun like the eng teacher. he ang mor one... the rest of the teachers quite nice bah... made many many fwens. everyday come back hm, so tired... still prefer my DLS life.

Just lost my math worksheet, so in bad mood rite now~

Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, January 13, 2010, 5:46 PM

blog got prob is it? things are not in order leh? so weird... NVM, just to start...
i dun like my school lorz!! home econ so strict, need approve this approve tat..then only can face to face with the teacher then can approve....cannot during lesson let teacher see lorz! >.<>.<>.<,
haiz.....sec school life is the worst! it feels like u are in a hole and cannot manage to get out....boo hoo hoo...boo hoo hoo....i really v. sad.... si ying so gd!!!!!!!!!! so clever....i so hope i am si ying!!!!! >.< RV roocks rite?

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 7:55 PM

Walao seh! i soooo suai 2dae got test-eng-de.wth! only like 2 days then test,homecons very scary seh. scold ppl like no one s business.i hate her somemore she give us so much hw then i went 4 audition at 3 4 choir..sianx...thats it gtg...

btw, yinggie are u feeling better????hope u get well soon!!!!!!!!

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, 2:05 PM

Came back frm overnite camp last fri den SICK! had high fever n diarrhea... until today also cannot go SCH! so MANY EXTRA HW HW HW~ DIE LIAO DIE LIAO DIE LIAO~ siting position aslo changed, still dunno who i sit wif. BUT, wat if it's A BOY?! IDK...

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010, 2:56 PM

yesterday was sport selection.... that thing is u try out for 3 sports....thay see u gd or not...then select u....when my turn for badminton, i was like ....since play for a short while only....i was like hit very da li....luck quite gd...just nice keep hitting the net and just nice went over the net.... i was competing with the senior lorz...
then today, during lunch break, a prefect walk towards me while i was eating wonton mee alone... and she call me to be prefect. i ask why...then she say hui hen you fu qi..... then i say ok... then she walk away....i continue eating...then she tapped on my shoulder again and ask wat's my name.... then i told her...then she ask me wat CCA i going 2 join....i say badminton...then she point at one of the friends and they keep looking at me... then she say:" that girl over there will be yr senior soon..." then i say oh.... then she walk away...the badminton senior walk 2 me and said," u still rmb me?" i say,"er....i think i forget le..." then she say yesterday she was the one that i play badminton with her yesterday... then i was like shocked!! then she walked away.... i ate finish my wonton mee.... walked passed them and she and her friends was like waving and smiling at me like i very grand like tat....i feel so weird...... heehee...but great....
haiz.... the sad thing is i tink i dun feel well in tat environment....feel so sick.... gg to push...
~shall end here then.....~ :( :)

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 4:05 PM
Sorry 4 not blogging (T-T)

Heyy guys i m sooo sorry 4 not blogging 4 like so long . But i have been thinking ,how abt this, we only post 1 time a week coz like this i can write something on my blog instead of this blog . Then my blog can actually be used.

Anyway , i loveeee sch a lot -my sch-bpgh. The teacher + principal talked 2 us abt cca n achievements -boring-but i actually listened 4 like the whole session. Turns out that we-the sch pupil-have 2 audition 4 choir n dance.And we only have 6 sports!!!! But all oso very pro :) But.... all need to try out then they see if u got the 'spirit' n 'talent' . Those that dun pass have to find another cca 2 join. As the uniform grps they willl find u, not u find them.

Translation: They see u got 'talent' n 'interest'then they will approached u 4 a interview. Scary rite?? Oh n btw, can u (yuannie) teach me how to add music n pictures??? Cos i dun noe.. :(

Now my only problem is that i dunnoe wad cca i should join ,pls gimme gd advice

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Monday, January 4, 2010, 6:16 PM

POPO! i told u to post u nvr post! dun gimme lame excuse "i forgot, i forgot" :D Aniwaes, i bought a BIG RED INCH RABBIT yesterday at action city in JP :D sooooo cute :D yay!!! todae orientation was quite ok. But the sch bus was late for 25mins-.- ok, BB :D

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Sunday, January 3, 2010, 12:48 PM


snatching Pollent!!

this is pollent...
fun... heehee...

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Friday, January 1, 2010, 5:53 PM

Lyrics | Avril Lavigne lyrics - Knocking On Heavens' Door lyrics

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, 5:20 PM

Song lyrics | 21 Guns lyrics

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Thursday, December 31, 2009, 8:16 PM

today was fun. went out with JL, YS, PT. Even went to pizza hut n ate :) marco polo was cool :) video-ing was funny :) but YS kept calling me, i answered den gua diao. i tot who... LOL... baddy YS. sang some songs :) today was purr-fact :) we'll we still stay in contact with each other? it's highly not possible. u will soon have your sec school friends n will bade farewell to your old friends :(
Aniwaes, i figured out the password for tis com :)

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009, 9:03 PM

sry 4 nt posting ysd. today went out wif wendi, marrisa n yueting to JP. we went to RV to buy sch bks, den we went to JP and met Yueting. Ate kFC. walk-walk. went to wendi's house to play wii n DDR. Marrisa needs to go hm at 3:45 :( BB to her. continue playing. Tiring sia... quite bored... wii also not so fun wat... went hm wif YT... Hope tmr will be chao ji wu di fun! Here's the plan
1. meet at MAC at 11:00am. ( excluding popo)
2. Take LRT jalapang
3. Reach at 11:20 am.
4.popo fetch us to her ask
5. play
6. eat
7. play
8. go hm HAPPILY :D

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009, 12:27 PM

So touching!! wanna cry... >.<

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, 11:33 AM

Wow Im listening 2 songs like 21 guns -green day-not on the blog but on youtube , meaning im seriously bored!!! haha btw woke up wiv a call from jacelyn saying she can make it 2 my hm on thursday- yippie!-and that we will be eating pizza... Gotta ask mum abt that... Any new songs ??

Oh yeah i didnt noe that steph had another account in youtube-purplefweak92-n i m listening 2 her songs. btw yuannie ,could you add 1 song on the ipod? the song is wake me up when september ends by green day. Bye bye

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, 8:33 AM

yos!! i suggest we go visit our primary school on friday... u wan? i dunno leh...this year's first day of school...all the sec 1 people all come....dunno is which day of school...ai ya....NVM.... oh yah...Friday got Camp...so cannot... haiz... i sure hope we can take a picture together... :)
heehee....can't wait to go popo's house!! >.<

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Monday, December 28, 2009, 12:54 PM

thx for the advice guys... see first la... popo, u soooooo gd lorhs! u r so lucky to have an aunt lidat! ELECTRIC GUITAR!!! IPOD NANO!!! i change my mind now... i tink ipod nano wud be better... :D n yuan yuan, when did u become so "teacher" ? :D

Always forever,
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, 11:06 AM

Heyy guys, my friendly advice 2 yinggie: Do wad u think is good n helpful to u . If u like dancing then join dancing, but if u dun like it then dun join. u must be able 2 make ur own choices. One thing abt dancing; is that u may have a food ban n that means that u cannot eat chilli,fried food,fastfood,ice cream etc. badminton is oso the same:) i can see that u dun like badminton but if u reli have no choice then ... okay, the reason i sms-0ed u guys yesterday abt the ipod nano n electric guitar is bcoz my aunt wans 2 give me a present 4 my gd results ,so i dun noe wad 2 choose but in the end she just give me money so i could buy it if i wan 2..

So happy, i finally bought my Taylor Swift Platinum Edition Album!!!! I m gnna test it out now. Bye bye peeps!

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 9:27 AM

i think u should join badminton... coz'... did u hear b4 the story of the wife who cut the cloth?
* * *
During the Warring States period, about 2,400 years ago, a man called Yue Yangzi lived on the south bank of the Yangtze River with his kind, considerate wife. One day, Yue Yangzi found a piece of gold on the way home and gave it to his wife. But when she saw it, and to his great surprise and disappointment, she was angry, and said to him: “An ambitious person will not drink the water of Thief Lake, for this would destroy his determination. Honest people will not accept charity, for it is humiliating. Surely, keeping something you found on the road will harm your reputation.” On hearing this, Yue Yangzi felt ashamed of himself. He returned to the place where he had found the gold and put it back, then bid farewell to his wife and went away to study and seek wisdom.

  After only one year, Le Yingzi came back home. His wife asked him: “How could you come back only after one year's study?” He answered: “After a while, I began to miss you terribly, so I am back to see you.” His wife then picked up a pair of scissors, walked over to her loom, and said: “Look at this silk cloth, of the finest silk. The silk is drawn out of the cocoons. The silk is spun into thread, and the cloth is woven, thread by thread, and, very slowly, it grows, from a thin strip, to inches, and eventually into a magnificent length of shimmering cloth. But if it is cut now, all the work put into it would be wasted. The same applies to your studies.”

  Yue Yangzi was very moved by his wife’s words, and went off again to his books. This time, it was seven years before he returned home, and he had become a famous scholar. Later, the king of the State of Wei appointed him to a high position, and Yue Yangzi made many great achievements.
  From what his wife said to him, people drew the idiom Ban Tu Er Fei, to stop halfway. Now it is used to describe someone who does things by halves.
* * *
understand?? so u should join badminton...dun join other CCA... :)
~shall End here then, :) choice~

Always forever,
& together!♥

Sunday, December 27, 2009, 9:47 PM

CCA... shud i join dancing or badminton huh? idk... all my friends wanna dance... and i tot maybe i cud try tat too... ( cuz i often dance while i was bathing :D ) n i was a little bored in badminton... but badminton was the oni thing im good in... so so so, can u guys give me some advice plzz?

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 6:46 PM

Yahoo!!! I m finally promoted le:) I mean church lah..I m finally promoted to the youth commitee!!!guys do u think i should sing or play guitar??? They say I should serve on the ministry...Hm...Nvm aniwae 2dae is my aunt s bdae, so we went out 2 JP 2 celebrate ,my sis didnt go coz she misplaced her keys ...xD...haha n then she stuck at hm the whole day coz my maid go on her off day.. no lunch, no nothing,so boring seh!!! THen she call my mum n ask her 2 buy subway... but then we went shopping n walking so long until like 3+ then realise the time. hen my mum received an sms from mi sis n then she like v. angry!!!So we quickly buy subway n while we bought subway, my aunt-bdae gal-go buy haagen daz 4 mi n her family + my aunt... Thx u rock!!! then take taxi go hm... sis so angry but then she eat her subway melt n melted!!! She was not angry animore!!!

L8er mi mum n i went to BPP 4 dinner n bought a sec 1 vocab book 4 mi 2 do coz she sae not bad n that i was bored aniwae... I didnt mind i kinda like it ... i noe, i noe ,i m weird.

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 2:50 PM

Oh my...Jolie so bad...u still got us :) heehee....i continuing badminton...我不想出丑。。。join奇奇怪怪的 CCA... Lih Fei also joining badminton... :) so glad she chose badminton!! >.<
i even bought my badminton shoes le!! :)
Gd luck for both of u!!
~shall end here then, Best friends forever!~

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 2:10 PM

O.o popo, cool down... aniways, i like the "b****" word. ur fwens r soooo bad. :D i buying sch uniform l8r from tiong bahru plaza. the xianyu song cannot find the lyrics... <3 the song! animore new songs to recommend, guys? N RMB TO VOTE 4 SYLVIA RATONEL!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009, 9:33 PM

OKay, I officially hate BBQs! wanna noe why? Well coz the food is sooo not nice n bcos i m not having fun. I was bullied!! After i did MY part in the bbq-ing, i went 2 the pavilion n well like guess wad my frens, or rather my ex-frens,were like down there laughing n talking...And i listen 4 a while then i thot they were toking abt blk catching,so i chipped in n like guess wad they said.

Jollie:Why r u here??

Mie:Oh i finished my bbqing le. Wad r u guys doing??

Them : Oh we r 'chopping' the table..

Mie:Oh haha then i m chopping the pavilion :)

Them: Haha chopping the pavilion??? hahaha

Them: U should just go n bbq lor..

So i was like sooo damn shocked, how can they do this 2 me? Like wad the hell!!!They even care abt me or my feelings!!! Then i very sad n then i stayed far away from them,i hated them..I went full time Emo le. But i knew i had 2 go back coz there was where the food was lor :(...In the end i onli ate like 2 prawns n 1 mouthful of beehoon, n then um...2 chicken wings coz i no appetite..n also bcoshey told ppl abt me chopping the table..One of them de mum knew then she make fun of me sae i nvr 'chop' the pavilon properly bcoz a few moments ago there was a blackout n they blamed me lor...

Shocked, i went back 2 my mum who was eating n bbq-ing.. Then we play crocodile,exchange gift.i got a ferrero roche..boring.... And like guess who got my presents?? Yup its one of them the bitch-sry-but i cant stand it le...she opened it then she show her mum n sae ,wad is this? Then she saw another person wiv a packet of chocolates n wanted 2 switch wiv the person...So sad!! ut then Jollie say sorry,n well i 4gave her le...butshe didnt say anything..probably guilty or smthg,but no sry no nothing, wad a coward, if she thinks i will 4give her this easily then she can 4get abt being my fren ... Hmph!

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 3:11 PM

I still hate Camps!! i am so not going 2 bathe and play thise activities!! i am going 2 pretend sick ( which i know is impossible :( haiz...) mama!! help!!...she confirm want me to join the camp one... :(
gd 4 u lor ying...u no camps...

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 1:12 PM

So saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :( me, mi sis, n my cousin actually wanna watch alvin n the chipmunks 2 today one. then my cousin suddenly called say she stomach pain. so in the end , nvr go liao... diao...yuan yuan u so good seh... can watch the movie, plus still can go orchard. xianz, at hm so bored. nobody asked me out... good thing tmr still got guitar lesson. u all bringing your guitars rite?

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 11:58 AM

Woohoo!!! Woke up @ like 9.35 am in the morning...Soo frigging happy coz i m gg to my fren 's house 4 .....BBQ!!!! But b4 that i m gg to her house 2 swim...Um... yinggie who were u talking abt -the 2 ppl-who ignored u ?? So rude seh...Can't wait 2 go sch, i love everything but the uniform coz it is 2 big n it is soooo not my colour..Haiz,guess i m gg 2 grow up faster then.

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 10:54 AM

heehee...yesterday go Orchard to spend my christmas with family...sry 4 not posting... then we go watch alvin and the chipmunks 2...so funny!! :)
share with u all some pic.... hope u all like it! :)
this is where we eat 4 lunch...

then we go for a walk... too much pic le...share with u all some...heehee....so many people lor!..

~shall End Here Then, Have a nice Christmas! ~

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 12:17 AM

U all know wat is the feeling like to be invisible? :( it's like u r crapping n no one's listening... i was toking and those 2 ppl just kept toking to each other like i'm invisible. i asked questions n oso got no ans... i tot i was kinda' xtra... PATHETIC

Always forever,
& together!♥

Friday, December 25, 2009, 7:02 PM
Merry Christmas S.P.Y...

Snip!Snip!Snip! Guys guess wad happened 2 me?? yup U r rite,i cut my hair.i think i look ok...aniwae i just got hm after gg 2 cityhall...Did i mention that i lurvvve pressies??? I got a lot of them le ....so happy:)Aniwae , i think -yuansiew-that u should reli chill..icebreaker games help u 2 make frens ok??? Camps r fun ,dun worry. Just noe that u r not the onli 1 who is gg 2 camp kk?? i mean i dun have camp but i have a day camp n i have a campfire ,so i dun reli noe wad that is called..I m watching G-force now-random.

Ok thats all 4 now,gonna open my pressies le ... B4 i go ,I just wan2 wish u guys a......

Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 1:23 PM

knock knock,
who's there,
mary who?


Always forever,
& together!♥

Thursday, December 24, 2009, 10:25 PM

wat is ice-breaker ah? i oso got tis game...join chinese orchestra must at least learn a chinese instrument ah? den u join all those like math club, IT...

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 9:25 PM

But camping activity sucks...i see the thing liao...haiz...ice breaker games..lol...i rather be back at my pre-school to play.... haiz.... chinese orchestra rox! but i dun even know how play those instruments...the only CCA i know how 2 play is badminton...tat's all.... haiz....but my bro say training tough...aiya....dunno leh...help me tink! >.<
And again, i hate CAMPS!!! :(
~shall end here then...Merry Christmas everyone!~

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 5:37 PM

to popo: is not tat i wanna follow my friends to join wat CCA they wanna. i just wanna noe wat CCA they wanna join. mayb they join like choir or smth? Then mayb i'll consider tat too, cuz i love singing

to yuan yuan: Is oni 5% possible if i can be in the same team with shen yi they all at the camp. i like camps because it gives me opportunity to make more friends, has lots of interesting games...i also have no friends at all in my class, oni jia wei, who i dun talk to. Me needs to
make fwens 2...

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 5:37 PM

to popo: is not tat i wanna follow my friends to join wat CCA they wanna. i just wanna noe wat CCA they wanna join. mayb they join like choir or smth? Then mayb i'll consider tat too, cuz i love singing

to yuan yuan: Is oni 5% possible if i can be in the same team with shen yi they all at the camp. i like camps because it gives me opportunity to make more friends, has lots of interesting games...

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 2:43 PM

yinggie , u love camps? i hate camps the most!! espescially the games part, bathing part, eating part, and the sleeping part!! i hate all!! haiz.... zen me ban!! i die liao lah!! ur camp got wendi ta men...u no need...u know....but i need 2 make wat wat friends....
* * *
The CCA...i dunno which one to join...Fuhua badminton not bad...but i dunno leh...training confirm very tough one lor... table tennis....not sure....how abt we join Chinese orchestra? we join the same...maybe can meet one day... :) pls!!

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 12:56 PM

I dunno leh-cca-i mean...i have very limited choices lor...im considering um...choir or guides... but choir is like very pressuring..may have food ban then i cannot eat this..cannot eat that :( but i dun reli noe wad do we do in guides le...confused...haiz nvm i guess i have take a look during the cca roadshow...and um,yinggie i dun reli think u should join a cca juat bcoz ur frens join it...just join a cca that u enjoy kays??? YUannie why do u have a MuMu at ur house!?? i lurvve it i dun care im gg 2 kidnap it...heheee...Dun worry guys wateva happens we will always have each other although we r like soo far away in diff sch

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 11:17 AM

idk wat CCA to join. mayb Badminton, table tennis or NPCC... see wat shen yi, wendi join first. im also quite nervous bout the first dae of sch... but 1st wk is all camps n games wat :D no studies !

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 9:11 AM

i totally agree with popo, sec school sucks without BFF.....no choice....NVM, let's call jacelyn,lily they all go yr house next week...

* * *

my school every friday assembly...need wear tie and collared shirt with metal buttons on sleeve....xiao...then other days wear the Polo shirt...all white xia!! but my ma say very easy dirty.. i already know how wear tie le!! :)

tell me wat CCA both of u joining...i dunno which CCA to join.. :( and i very scared on the first day of school... :(

Always forever,
& together!♥

Wednesday, December 23, 2009, 8:58 PM

Hey popo! ur sooo cute. i got it from wanting's blog! u at taiwan tat time rmb? So Cute! :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 4:45 PM

haha hi 5 yuanyuan ...how come u need 2 buy a polo shirt?? My sch oso got sell but then its optional 2 buy..n um...i think should be ok 4 u guys 2 come over... we can ask some other ppl 2 like jacelyn n lily 2...since i so long nvr see her le... sot of miss her le....n siying i m sooo envious of u lor...ijn my class only got graeme...n i dun even noe him lah ...haiz sec sch sucks without ur BFF

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 4:12 PM

Hey erm... Po Po, do ya tink we can go ur house nxt wk? can can can? can can can? I want yall to help me create a blog can? :D im super bored at hm. we can go play. Aniwaes, y my orientation got no talk one? y'all got the wateva princiapl tok thingy...

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 4:10 PM

Hey, Yinggie here!
Orientation was like super boring. when we got off the MRT at Boon Lay, we walked towards Rv. Then there was a girl who was oso going to RV. She was alone. ANd it was her first time going to RV. She dunno her way so she kept asking around. so we kindly approached her n ask her to come along with us. after walking for 7min, we realised we walked the wrong way. -.- so we turned back... a 5min walk became a 15 min walk...went into the school then found my name. "Puah Si Ying, 1I". i found shen yi n zong wei's name, but not in my class. :( went to 1I n saw jia wei. OMG... why among all the pupils who went to RV, he was the oni person same class as me?! Rest of the dae was all queueing... BALHBLAHBLAH... went to JP, bought a new bag n 2 pair of shoes n a new watch. Yuan Yuan called me. Aww... i missed her :( I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET YUANNY N PT! :D

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 2:19 PM

today go Fuhua sec, mum go buy those textbooks....

can't believe got 2 types of uniform! one is a polo shirt the other one is the collared shirt... xiao, assembly every friday...must wear the collared shirt with metal buttons...

then before that got talk. so long lor!! my butt hurts!... then we go buy textbooks, then hor the person say hor we only provide higher chinese here...wa!! i so happy!! no chinese!! :) muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....

now dun sell my school P.E attire....need wait until school reopens...What the...

then got home help ma cook noodles...bro also wan me help him cook...

then got ma call me sweep the floor... haiz...so tired.....

then saw Lih Fei...so happy! finally got another lasallian same school as me....dunno she will talk 2 me or not....coz' we only same chinese class and group for 2 years... yinggie so gd lor, she got so many classmates same school as her....gd 4 her...

hope we will still hang out together...

Friends are treasures :)

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 12:29 PM
Sec 1 - Orientation...

okay guys i m finally back from my orientation @ bpgh...Woah,so tired, so hot!!! The sch is pretty cool n i love it . bought my uniform n my books...I made a big decision ... i actually applied 4 hmt!!!! okay... recap...

I entered my sch @ 8.30am sat in the hall n teacher talks 2 us...then principal talks 2 us...we go back 2 our classrm then teacher have a roll call...i think she dun noe how to pronounce my name coz she keep saying Teoh Jia En but no Phyllis....sad rite?:( but phew she is not my form teacher ... ok back to the topic,then she collect our report bk while a student came wiv a string 2 measure us n tell us wad size to buy 4 pe attire ...i got M...coz i was in between S n M...Bad News!!! i 4got 2 bring my report card!!!But when we r being ''collected'' by our parents then my mum gave me the report card so she actuially called my maid 2 bring...Ok thats all ...gtg

Always forever,
& together!♥

Tuesday, December 22, 2009, 8:54 PM

by the way, i already link this blog web from my blog le...for easy access....any popo, no prob,...for the music...but dun put too much songs...sometimes i pod will break down coz' use too long le....mine break down before...

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 6:27 PM

heyy this is pollent fyi...aniwae just wanna thank yuan siew 4 everything she has done 4 the s.p.y. blog...where is my dragonfly!!! oh yeah i wanna ask if u guys wan2 tell ppl abt us -i mean the blog lah.or do u wan us 2 be 'secret'??oh n if i dun blog as often as u guys plz dun blame me coz i will be busy with exams n stuff...oh n if i have any song request ,can u do it 4 me???(yuansiew)...i just realize that i used a lot of ohs in this post...lol....ok not so much lah onli like 3/4 onli...kk i noe im crapping so bb n thats all 4 now :)

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 5:28 PM
must keep in contact!!

erm....hope this blog can make us keep in contact forever, since both of u is going to study near boon lay soon, may see both :D...
hope so...
hope that our friendship can last as long as our age...
both of u will always be in my first place of friends even when i got into different school next year...
we will go out together every holidays... :) if u can...
i know u will make new friends in yr school, but nvr forget us! (feel like crying liao...) if u all make new friends in yr school, dun forget us!! neither will i... aniwas, still remember ying hui...shouldn't be a matter rite?
we always love music... and erm...do both of u wanna continue guitar lessons next year?
to: pollent and yinggie
from:yuan yuan

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 5:26 PM

finally finish the music part :) glad.... 45 tracks xia!

Always forever,
& together!♥

, 3:52 PM

Me blogging for th v. 1st time! Went to pt house after sch. created tis blog :D See the pic below? the bear cute horz? :D there's oso a dragonfly on top. But, the self-centered pt doesnt wanna gimme the dragonfly :( But she oso not v. bad. She bought me and yuan yuan some things from Aus. when can we ever go pt's house again huh? YINGGIE:)

Always forever,
& together!♥

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